Squire of the Body of Christ


Be a Squire for at least two years, accomplish 16 Squire of the Body of Christ achievements, four in each category. Achievements typed in italics are required for that category.


After completing an achievement, ask your counselor to put his initials and the date on the line next to each achievement, to indicate when the achievement was certified as completed. Achievements marked with an asterisk (*) may be certified by a parent’s/guardian’s initials and the date. Your counselor will also enter the certification dates into his copy of your Squire Advancement Record. If an elective is completed, write the name or a description of the elective activity on the line provided.

Home and Family

*1 – Read and review the section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the requirements and rules for the Sacrament of Marriage and discuss them with your parents, pastor, father prior or counselor

*2 – Support, participate in or organize a pro-life program concerning the unborn, the disabled or the elderly

*3 – Give support to a child or family through an aid agency

*4 – Read a chapter in each of six books of the Bible and discuss each in a half hour Bible Study with a parent, or a circle or parish sponsored Bible study

*5 – Use a home telescope or a telescope at a nearby college or observatory to view the moon, planets and stars

*6 – Take a day or overnight trip with your family to a Catholic shrine

*7 – Help your family organize and hold a family reunion

*8 – Design and create a homepage for a website

*9 – Elective – _________________________________________________

*10 – Elective – ________________________________________________

Squires and Knights

1 – Recruit at least one new Squire

2 – Attend a meeting of another Squires circle

3 – Serve on a ceremonial team investing new members into another Squires circle

4 – Assist in the institution or reinstitution of a new Squires circle

5 – Serve as a mentor to a Squire to help him achieve the rank of “Page” or “Shield Bearer”

6 – Attend your jurisdiction’s state circle convention, if one is held in your jurisdiction

7 – Be elected or appointed to a state or local circle officer position, committee chairmanship, or ceremonial team member

8 – If you are 18 years old, become a Knight of Columbus

9 – Elective – __________________________________________________

10 – Elective – _________________________________________________

Community and Country

*1 – Travel to your state or provincial capital and visit key government offices, such as the executive and judicial branches, and, if in session, listen to the debate and parliamentary procedure and observe the voting of the legislature

*2 – Attend a public hearing to speak for or against an issue being considered by a council, board, commission or other government agency

*3 – Volunteer in a political campaign to work on behalf of a candidate you support

*4 – Visit and tour a hospital for veterans, a military service academy or a military base that is open to visitors

*5 – Work on a project with Habitat for Humanity, a Catholic work camp, Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services or a similar construction, relief or development organization

*6 – If you are 18 years old, register as a voter

7 – Invite your Congressman or Member of Parliament to speak to your circle or visit his/her office

8 – Ask your town councilman/county commissioner or other local official, or your state senator or state representative, or your Congressman or Member of Parliament, to introduce legislation recommended by your circle

9 – Elective – __________________________________________________


1 – With your counselor’s approval, organize a service project to benefit your parish or another Catholic institution in your arch/diocese

*2 – Attend a diocesan or national Catholic youth conference, or World Youth Day with the Pope

*3 – Say a novena for a special intention

*4 – Attend a day-long or overnight spiritual retreat with your circle, parish or school

*5 – Serve as a religious education instructor or as an assistant to one

*6 – Read a book or watch a movie/video/DVD about the Church’s Ecumenical Councils or other events in the history of the Catholic Church and discuss it with a counselor/parent

7 – Read a papal encyclical and give a 3-5 minute talk to the circle about it

8 – Christian Faith Study – study the basics of another Christian denomination or other religion and use a 3-5 minute talk to describe to the circle any similarities and differences in beliefs and practices as compared to the Catholic Church

9 – Elective – _________________________________________________

10 – Elective – ________________________________________________