Attendance at circle and committee meetings and activities for at least one year, accomplish 16 Lancer achievements, four in each category. Achievements typed in italics are required for that category.


After completing an achievement, ask your counselor to put his initials and the date on the line next to each achievement, to indicate when the achievement was certified as completed. Achievements marked with an asterisk (*) may be certified by a parent’s/guardian’s initials and the date. Your counselor will also enter the certification dates into his copy of your Squire Advancement Record. If an elective is completed, write the name or a description of the elective activity on the line provided.

Home and Family

*1 – Video or write a family history by interviewing your siblings, parents and grandparents

*2 – With your parents’ permission, redecorate your bedroom or another room in your home

*3 – With your parents, review or create a budget for your family, and a budget for yourself based on your allowance or wages and expenses

*4 – Use a computer program, or graph paper, to design what your future home, an addition on your current home, or some other building or architectural design, might look like

*5 – Write a short story, play, or poem, or the lyrics for song

*6 – Pray the Rosary with your parents daily for one week, for seven Sundays, or on seven other occasions

*7 – With a friend or two, perhaps at dinner, bring your parents up to date on the current youth scene, describing the newest in clothing fashions, fads, slang, music/CDs, dances, movies/videos/DVDs, computer games, television shows, sports and dating trends

*8 – Use a computer or paper to record the weather conditions at your house for one month

*9 – Elective – __________________________________________________

Squires and Knights

1 – Give a persuasive one minute speech at a circle meeting about an activity you would like the circle to consider holding

2 – Recruit at least one new member

3 – Send a Mass card, sympathy note, flowers or other item to a fellow Squire or counselor upon the occasion of the death of a member of his family

4 – Join the Father McGivney Guild and pray for his canonization

5 – Depending on your eligibility, participate in one of the following K of C programs – Free Throw, Soccer Challenge, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Poster Contest or the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest

6 – Assist your sponsoring council in fund raising for people who are intellectually challenged

7 – Attend or participate in a sporting event sponsored by your circle or sponsoring council/assembly

8 – Attend a religious or civic event in which a Fourth Degree Honor Guard participates

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________

Community and Country

*1 – Attend a public meeting of a local government agency

*2 – Tour your town or city hall and meet the mayor, town manager, county commissioner or other public official

*3 – Visit an historical site, battlefield or museum concerning the history of your country

*4 – Visit and tour an agency that helps people with health issues such as AIDS or cancer or social problems such as alcoholism and drug abuse

*5 – Demonstrate expertise in a sport by being a member of a team, league, club or course in which you earn a certificate, grade, letter, medal, trophy or other recognition

*6 – Visit the Knights of Columbus Museum and St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT

7 – Participate in a circle service program in which you are responsible for leading or organizing a portion of that program

8 – Participate in a circle service program at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________


*1 – Receive the Sacrament of Confirmation

*2 – Spend a holy hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament

*3 – Be commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister, if allowed by the diocese and pastor

*4 – Serve on a committee in your parish

*5 – Memorize and recite the 20 mysteries of the four categories of the Rosary

6 – Give a 3-5 minute speech to your circle on the Catholic Church’s position on one of the following issues: war, the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, poverty, hunger, homelessness, health care, worker rights

7 – Show support for a seminarian by a visit or sending him a personal letter, card or care package, or by participating in a circle sponsored fund raiser to raise funds for an RSVP scholarship

8 – Participate in a recitation or reenactment of the Stations of the Cross with your circle or in your parish or school

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________