Apply For Squire Membership to St. Anthony Marie de Claret Circle #4889

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be turning the age of 10 or 18  between July 1st and June 30th of the current year or be any age between 10 – 18.
  • Must be a baptized Catholic.
  • Must have time to attend meetings on the second Sunday of each month, bi monthly advancement meetings  and occasional weekend activities.

Applicant should understand that:

  • The circle is ran by the squires themselves under the guidance of adult counselors. Squires elect officers among themselves annually and at a monthly business meeting all active squires through the use of parliamentary procedure make decisions for the good of the circle.
  • As a member a Squire is responsible for getting involved. He should take an active role in the circle, participate in circle business meetings, serve on the investiture team and volunteer their time on programming activity committees. Additionally, they should be actively advancing through the ranks of a Squire in the Squire Advancement Program.
  • The purpose of the Columbian Squires is to be the spiritual, cultural, civic, social, and physical improvement of its members, and the development of their leadership qualities. The aim is to prepare Catholic young men to become leaders among their fellow citizens.
  • Annual dues have been set by the squires at this time.  An initial cost $20 is asked from new squires to cover their shirt costs.

Note: The Squires Business meeting is a Secret Meeting that only Squire Members and Knights of Columbus members are invited to attend. All fathers are encouraged to become Knights so that they can attend and be involved.