Shield Bearer



Regular attendance at circle and committee meetings and activities for at least 6 months. Complete 24 Shield Bearer achievements, with a minimum of four in each category. Achievements typed initalics are required for that category.


After completing an achievement, ask your counselor to put his initials and the date on the line next to each achievement, to indicate when the achievement was certified as completed. Achievements marked with an asterisk (*) may be certified by a parent’s/guardian’s initials and the date. Your counselor will also enter the certification dates into his copy of your Squire Advancement Record. If an elective is completed, write the name or a description of the elective activity on the line provided.

Home and Family

*1 – Research and create a “family tree” of your family and relatives

*2 – Put together a jigsaw puzzle or create a craft or artistic item with your family

*3 – Hold a family exercise session

*4 – Attend a sporting event with your family

*5 – Plant a vegetable or flower garden or care for a selection of indoor plants

*6 – Attend a play, concert or movie or watch a video/DVD at home with your family

*7 – Make and decorate a cake, pie or other desert for a birthday or other special occasion

*8 – Go on an outing or other activity with your grandparents

*9 – Elective – __________________________________________________

Squires and Knights

1 – Know and be able to use the basic motions of Parliamentary Procedure listed in the Squires Advancement Program “Fact Book” or in the “Circle Operations and Executive Leadership Guide” (#498)

2 – At a circle meeting give a one minute speech about yourself and your family

3 – Achieve “Very Important Proposer” (VIP) status by recruiting at least one new member

4 – As a Squire, attend a Squires circle investiture ceremony

5 – Be able to recite a brief biography of Father McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus

6 – Be able to recite a brief biography of Brother Barnabas, founder of the Columbian Squires

7 – Know the qualifications for the Corps d’Elite Award and the Brother Barnabas Award

8 – Know the names of the grand knight/faithful navigator of your sponsoring unit, the district deputy, your state or territorial deputy and the supreme knight

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________

Community and Country

*1 – Talk to a veteran about his/her experience in the military

*2 – Write a letter about a local issue to a government official or newspaper editor

*3 – Attend a parade with your family or circle

4 – Participate in the posting of the colors ceremony

5 – If in a U.S. circle, lead the “Pledge of Allegiance” at a circle meeting

6 – Listen to a talk to your circle about public safety by a local fire or police official such as the fire chief or chief of police, or other emergency preparedness officer, or take a tour with them of their office and facility

7 – Attend a local, county, state/province or national government meeting

8 – Learn about and tell your circle about a historical event that occurred in or near your town

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________


*1 – Rosary devotion: (a) – recite the four categories of Mysteries of the Rosary; (b) – pray the Rosary alone

*2 – Know the Holy Days of Obligation, the requirements to receive communion and the rules for fasting and abstinence during Lent

*3 – Learn about and describe the life of the patron saint after whom you were named

*4 – Say a prayer of intercession to Father McGivney and pray for his canonization

5 – Take a guided tour of the rectory/parish office to learn what is done there

6 – Take a guided tour of the church, including the altar, tabernacle, sacristy and pulpit

7 – Attend a meeting in which a guest speaker talks about some aspect of Church history

8 – Attend Mass with your Squires circle

9 – Elective – ____________________________________________