Be a Squire in good standing for at least two months. Complete 24 “Page” achievements, minimum of four in each category. Achievements typed in italics are required for that category.


After completing an achievement, ask your counselor to put his initials and the date on the line next to each achievement, to indicate when the achievement was certified as completed. Achievements marked with an asterisk (*) may be certified by a parent’s/guardian’s initials and the date. Your counselor will also enter the certification dates into his copy of your Squire Advancement Record. If an elective is completed, write the name or a description of the elective activity on the line provided.

Home and Family

*1 – Lead your family in a blessing before your evening meal for at least one week

*2 – Hold a family talent night

*3 – Have a game night with your family to play board, card, video or other games

*4 – Create a photo album or scrapbook of your family’s activities or achievements

*5 – Use a new recipe to cook a meal for your family

*6 – Celebrate a holiday with your family with decorations and a holiday meal

*7 – Go on an outdoor outing (picnic, camping trip, sledding, fishing, etc.) with your family

*8 – Go on a cultural outing (to a theater, museum, historical site, etc.) with your family

*9 – Elective – _________________________________________________

Squires and Knights

1 – Know the Squires motto and be able to describe the meaning of each symbol in the Squires emblem

2 – Name the founder of the Knights of Columbus and when, where and how it was started

3 – Name the founder of the Columbian Squires and when, where and how it was started

4 – Know the names of the officers and counselors of the circle and the officers of the state circle

5 – Serve on a circle committee and attend circle and committee meetings for at least two months

6 – Know how to make, amend or dispose of a motion, ask a point of information or adjourn a meeting using Parliamentary Procedure

7 – Attend an activity sponsored by your sponsoring council or assembly

8 – Recruit a friend as a new Squire

9 – Elective – ___________________________________________________

Community and Country

1 – U.S. Squires, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and know about its origin, including the words “under God”

2 – Learn the history and words of your National Anthem, how it was chosen as the national anthem, and sing it with your circle

3 – Learn and demonstrate the proper way to display, hoist, lower and hold the flag

4 – Name the major geographic features in your town, such as lakes, rivers, hills, parks, etc.

5 – Name the symbols of your nation and state/province, such as the official bird and flower

6 – Name and know the purpose of the patriotic holidays specific to your country, such as Memorial Day,Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day in the U.S.

7 – Describe the type of local government in your town (mayor/council, selectman/council, Board of Education,town meeting, county commissioners, city manager, etc.)

8 – Know the names of the local head of government, the governor/premier of your state/province and the president/prime minister of your country

9 – Elective -___________________________________________________


*1 – Recite the “Ten Commandments”

*2 – Recite the “Seven Sacraments” and explain the purpose of each

*3 – Recite the “Precepts of the Church”

*4 – Recite from memory the “Our Father” “Hail Mary” “Glory Be” “Apostle’s Creed” and the “Act of Contrition”

*5 – Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

*6 – Attend Mass at least weekly

*7 – Set aside five minutes each day for personal prayer

*8 – Recite the names of the Pope, your bishop and your pastor

*9 – Elective – _________________________________________________